Interlock objects (target no.93)                                                  22 1⁄4”X X 37 1⁄2”x5 1⁄2” in,   Acrylics and Found object on Wood, 2017

Interlock objects (target no' 94) 13 x5 1⁄2” x20 in, Acrylic and epoxy casting of a Chanel handbag on wood, 2017

interlock objects (target no' 95) 16x5 1⁄2”x33 in , Acrylic, Resin and Skateboard on Wood, 2017

Interlock objects (target no. 79)                             29x37x4.5 in Acrylics and Resin casting of a Found object on Wood, 2015

Interlock objects (target no. 70) 67x29x6.5 in  Acrylics and Found object on Wood, 2014

Interlock objects (target no. 40) 70x35.5x4 iN, Acrylics and Found object resin cast on Wood and 3 hats, 2013

Interlock objects (target no. 96) 37x5x27 in, Acrylics and resin casting on Wood, 2018


Interlock objects (target no. 52) 12x14x7 in in, Acrylics and Found object on Wood, 2013